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Post by Admin on Fri Aug 18, 2017 1:16 pm

Hi everybody, this is the homework number 2.

Start your own journal, as a new topic here and try to make 40 trades with 50% win ration and RRR 3

That's your GOAL !!!

Every single post should have a picture with the trade and to it you will write: "Number of the trade / Entry / Stoploss / Exit / RRR"
You have to be able to do these trades without any indicator, just S&D trading, chart and your skill.

Lets say you will risk 20 pips on a trade, targeting 60 pips and after 40 trades you will have 20 losses and 20 profits.
20*-20 = -400 pips // 20*+60 = +1200 pips // result +800 pips >>> RRR 40

After you reach this result, send me the trackrecord from your account and I will check this and give you some oportunity.


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